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Kalia Guest House Kibbutz The Dead Sea רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 9.10
From 1237 Reviews


Hotel rooms





Last week Kalia Guest House Kibbutz The Dead Sea had 1533 viewers and 39 bookings.
The Kalia Guest House is situated on Kibbutz Kalia, on the northern shore of the Dead Sea – a thriving green oasis in the heart of the spectacular desert with spa treatments and massages, as well as lovely, comfortable rooms. And you’ll be able to head out for dips in the nearby springs and in the Dead Sea, visit fascinating sites including Qumran, Masada and Einot Tzukim, or take various trips surrounded by stunning desert views. All of this is within reach – just 30 minutes from Jerusalem and 75 minutes from Tel Aviv…
Facilities :
√ Lobby bar
√ free Wi-Fi
√ 68 Rooms
√ Private beach
√ Swimming pool (open only on the season)
Kibbutz Kalia Kibbutz northern shore dead sea
Grade 9.10 , From 1237. Reviews
ביטלתי הזמנה שלי לא היתי בנופש

ילנה - 1/12/2020
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Map Kalia Guest House Kibbutz The Dead Sea
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