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Kibbutz Ortal Holiday accommodation רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 9.11
From 315 Reviews


Hotel rooms





Last week Kibbutz Ortal Holiday accommodation had 1135 viewers and 14 bookings.
The hotel located in the wild view of the Golan Heights. Holiday accommodation complex offers luxurious and romantic, European style wooden huts, embedded in a pine forest for couples, next to entertainment for families. To complete the experience, Kibbutz Ortal offers you a Therapeutic Touch treatment room designed in a special atmosphere, rest and relaxation for body and soul. For the guests and visitors, we highly recommend to visit the Ortal winery that invites you to tour the winery and the vineyards of the kibbutz, wine tastings, workshops on the subject of wine, and fascinating lectures on various subjects.A short drive away you can walk tour routes and attractions, Mount Hermon, river Jilabun, Saar River, Nimrod Fortress, River Crows and more ...
Facilities :
√ 42 Rooms
√ Ortal winery
√ Sport courts
√ Free parking
√ Large playground
√ Massage therapy rooms
√ Free WIFI Internet connection
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Ramat Golan Rabbinate
Kibbutz Ortal Golan Heights
Grade 9.11 , From 315. Reviews
היה לנו כיף לא רגיל

אדי - 7/7/2018
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