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Alpha resort Kibbutz Beit Alfa רשת הארחה בקיבוצים

Grade 9.04
From 3 Reviews


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Last week Alpha resort Kibbutz Beit Alfa had 862 viewers and 11 bookings.
In Harod Valley, in Kibbutz Beit Alpha, at the foot of the Gilboa Mountains and in the heart of water and history sites, is Kibbutz beit Alpha Accommodation, a resort site that Surrounded by natural green. In our accommodation, at Kibbutz Beit Alfa, you will find 50 guest rooms divided into 6 different sections. Some of the accommodation units are suitable for couples, and some are large and spacious and suitable for families. Alongside all the hospitality sections you will find lawns and sitting areas. Also for your to enjoy, there is a BBQ facilities. A kosher breakfast is served in the private dining room of the kibbutz.
Facilities :
√ Coffee Bar
√ Synagogue
√ 50 Guestrooms
√ Massage Rooms
√ Playground area
√ Mini-Market open all day
√ Special country breakfast
√ Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
√ Free entrance to the swimming pool of the Kibbutz (in season)
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of the Mayanot Valley Rabbinical Council
Kibbutz Beit Alfa Israel
Grade 9.04 , From 3. Reviews
It was very good

ישראל - 7/11/2019
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