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Lake House Hotel Tiberius רשת מלונות ישראל קנדה

Grade 7.99
From 577 Reviews


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Last week Lake House Hotel Tiberius had 4816 viewers and 47 bookings.
Just walking distance from the Sea of Galilee lays the ultimate in Israeli relaxation – Lake House Hotel Tiberius, a therapeutic resort adjacent to the famous Chamey Tveria hot springs. The hotel`s 250 rooms offer accommodation for singles, couples, and families, with relaxing views. Entertainment facilities include a Senior`s lounge, a kids` club, and the hotel`s very own entertainment crew.
Facilities :
√ Free parking
√ Children`s club
√ 250 Guestrooms
√ 24 Front desk services
√ Synagogue and Shabbat elevator
√ Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel (extra fee)
√ Onsite tennis, mini-soccer and basketball courts
√ Kashrut certificate under the supervision of Tiberias Rabbinate
√ Handicap accessible rooms (requested in advance) & access to most public areas
√ Swimming pool, private beach, spa & gym (at the adjacent Chamey Tveria complex)
Ha’Marchatzaot Road, Tiberias Israel
Grade 7.99 , From 577. Reviews
Working on older people.Tell them that the management is upgrading their room and get a room on the royal face does not fit the original booking.So do not rate the hotel.I will not book in the future and did not recommend

שלמה - 1/7/2021
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