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C Hotel Hotels Israel - Reservations
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Tel Aviv Hotels Israel - Easy online Reservations
  C Hotel Tiberias
C Hotel Tiberias situated on the mountain slopes overlooking Tiberius and the Golan Heights with an enchanting view of the Sea of Galilee

  C Hotel Tiberias Shalom wing
The C Hotel Tiberias in Tiberias faces Tiberias and the beautiful Kinneret Lake. The alluring Location of C Hotel Tiberias in Tiberias adds to its popularity among the masses as it is only 140 kilometers from the Tel Aviv Airport and is just a 15 minutes walk to the city center of Tiberias. The Location of C Hotel Tiberias in Tiberias is striking and picturesque.

  C hotel Eilat israel
C hotel Eilat conveniently located in the city center, the major shopping / entertainment area within 5 - 10 minutes by foot from the seashore. walk.

  C Hotel Neve Ilan Hotel Israel
C Hotel Neve Ilan Hotel Jerusalem is situated in the heart of the Jerusalem Hills, 25 min from jerusalem.

  C Hotel Hacienda Israel hotels
C Hotel Hacienda Forest View convieniently located in the green woods of the Western Galilee. It is situated on the main road from Nahariya and Safed and between Maalat Tarshisha and Kfar Vradim.

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