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Kibbutz Hotels Israel - Reservations
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Tel Aviv Hotels Israel - Easy online Reservations
  Nahara Ashdot yakov
Nahara Ashdot yakov near the sea of galeeli ( 10 K.M )
Only 15 minut from the city of tiberia

  Ohalo on the sea of galilee Israel
Ohalo on the sea of galilee the Ohalo Manor is a enchanted spot, with green lawns and beautiful landscape, and a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee a place of serenity and quiet.

  Nes Ammim Hotel Naharia Israel
Nes Ammim Hotel Naharia is the only christian Kibbutz in Israel, situated in western galilee , about five minutes south to Naharia and 10 minutes from Acco.The Nes Ammim Guest House is located between Acco and Nahariya, and has a panoramic view of the mountains of the Western Galilee and the Mediterranean coastline. The beautiful gardens and lawns in the village are landscaped in European style and add to the pastoral atmosphere of the guest house and the village of Nes Ammim.

  Hotel Tzuba Belmont Israel
Hotel Tzuba Belmont, Belmont - a delightful country inn - is located in the grounds of Kibbutz Tzuba in the Judean Hills. It is a 15-minute drive from Jerusalem and 45-minute away from Tel-Aviv.

  Kibbutz Ein Gev - Apartment Hotel Israel
The Ein Gev Resort is located on the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee, . Most of the units/rooms, were built on the beautiful shoreline surrounded by green lawns and lush palm trees.

  Shoresh Green Hills Hotel Israel
Shoresh Green Hills Hotel are very centrally situated and is just 17 kilometers from Jerusalem, 25 kilometers from Tel-Aviv, 20 kilometers from Ben Gurion Airport and 40 kilometers from the Dead Sea. Above the Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem highway No. 1 exit at Shoresh Interchange and drive one kilometer into the hills and follow the signs to Shoresh Green Hills.

  Nof Ginosar Hotel Tiberias Israel
Nof Ginosar hotel is situated in an outstanding location hugging the Sea of Galilee shores and nestling at the foot of Mount Arbel, facing the Golan-Heights. it is 10 kilometers north of Tiberias and well-placed for all the main tourist attractions and sites in the Upper Galilee, Jordan Valley and Golan Heights. the hotel facilities include:airconditioned rooms, swimming pool, private beach, kosher restaurant,bar and cafeteria,seminar halls, souvenir shop.

  Kibbutz Lavi Hotel Hotel Galilee Israel
The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, Hotel Galilee, Lavi hotel in the Lower Galilee, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights,amidst the flowers and the fields of Kibbutz Lavi . Kibbutz Lavi preserves the age old tradition of hospitality. From medieval times to 1948 the area was referred to as Lubia. The Jerusalem Talmud mentions the Lavi Inn . East of the remains one can see the Lubia Khan which was apparently built in the Mamalucean Period. It was probably built near the previous inn which was adjacent to the Roman road leading from Acre - Tiberias - Gedera and whose remains have been uncovered. Lavi Kibbutz Hotel serves both local and foreign visitors thereby reviving ``Pundaka De Lavi``.

  HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel Israel
HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel is located just off Route 99 running from Kiryat Shmonah towards Mount Hermon and can also be reached by Egged buses, taxis etc. The site of Emir Fa`ur `s ruined winter palace: the Emir controlled the northern Hula Valley in the days of the Ottoman Empire. The hotel lies in the center of the valley, facing the Golan Heights and the snows of Mount Hermon. Its unique combination of ancient and modern architecture blend together in pleasant harmony and the pastoral landscape, splendid views and crystal-clear air promise an ideal holiday-site - both for those seeking tranquility and relaxation, and for those wishing to enjoy a wider range of activities.

  Ramat Rachel Kibbutz Hotel Jerusalem Israel
The Ramat Rachel Hotel at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel is situated on a hill top south of Jerusalem, 820 m above sea level. A green spot within Jerusalem, only a few minutes away from the holy places of all religions.

  Ein Gedi Country Hotel Dead Sea Israel
Ein Gedi Country Hotel Dead Sea from Tel Aviv via Jerusalem to the dead sea, then 40 km. on road no. 90 direction south till kibbutz Ein Gedi. From the south via Arad to the Dead Sea, then 35 km. on road no. 90 direction north. The hotel is located in the Kibbutz.

  Ma`ale Hachamisha Hotel Israel
Ma`ale Hachamisha Hotel and Congress Center a five minute drive off the Jerusalem -Tel Aviv highway takes you into a world of pristine nature - regal pine and cedar trees, refreshing mountain air, and breathtaking views of the Jerusalem hills.
Ma`ale Hachamisha Hotel is a place to unwind and realign.

  Kibbutz Haon Hotel Israel
Kibbutz Haon Hotel Kinnereth eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. This is a holiday village classified as a superior tourist class hotel offering the spectacular view of the sea of Galilee.

  Kibbutz Kfar Giladi Hotel Galilee Israel
Kibbutz Kfar Giladi Hotel Galilee, the “green” hotel of the north –
invites you to enjoy an enchanting vacation in the heart of the Upper Galilee.
With views of the snow-capped Mt. Hermon, the Golan Heights, and the Hulah valley, the hotel is surrounded by mountainous scenery, flowing streams, nature reserves, archeological sites and sacred places

  Shefayim Hotel - Kibbutz Shefayim Israel
Shefayim Hotel - Kibbutz Shefayim, the resort of kibbutz Shefayim is located not far from Netanya, north of Tel Aviv and near the Mediterranean coast of Israel.
Only 15 minutes from Tel Aviv and 7 minutes from Natanya.
In the center of the country, close to everywhere, the hotel is immersed amidst vast green lawns, enchanting flowered gardens, and is close to the sea shore, the “Sharon Coast” nature reserve, and the “Huzot Shefayim” shopping and attractions center.

  Kibbutz Ein Gev Hotel Israel
Kibbutz Ein Gev Hotel Kinnereth is located on the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee, . Most of the units/rooms, were built on the beautiful shoreline surrounded by green lawns and lush palm trees.

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